There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it. - Mary Wilson

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Periodization Training for the Office Bound

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Phase I -

Shoulder work and balancing rear power chain

Phase II – Cardio base

Phase III – High Intensity
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Four Hour Work Week Case Study

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So after thinking about muses and watching the Alborz interview on I’ve decided that much like Al, I love cars.  And like Al, I’m not going to buy the domain and get all the traffic on the internet.  They key for him was to find a smaller niche, car reviews in Austrailia.  For me I’ve always loved the idea of building my own supercar.  I’ve got a folder full of random websites where people have done just that.  I’ve spent many years watching people, mostly unsuccessfully, try to build cars, and perhaps by bringing together a lot of resources and tips, I can help those people along the way.  As an added bonus I get to continue searching around the web for cool cars built by regular guys which I’m glad to do for free.

break down the tim ferris steps

step by step in order

audio/video tutorial of finding domain, keywords, setup, ads, etc.

get video software
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Four Hour Work Week Videos

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Unconventional Travel Tips

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Stick out, sure most people tell you to blend in, and this is good advice when traveling to scary places.  You also don’t want to blend in with tourists as they are the typical targets.  However, when traveling to boring places, sticking out has far more advantages.  When I travel I carry a bright pink suitcase.  Pink suitcases never get lost.  People remember you, people talk to you, etc.  In one case, I was the asshole late for the flight and had to travel halfway down the pane to find a place for my bag before taking my seat towards the front.  Because someone remembered the pink suitcase, they actually brought it up to the front of the plane so I didn’t have to fight the traffic back to get it.
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 Whether your consulting in New York or camping in Belize, lightening the load will make it much more pleasant.


  1. Nothing weighs less than nothing – If there’s any doubt about bringing something, don’t bring it.

  2. Start with heavy items first – Using a liter sleeping bag has a much large impact than cutting your toothbrush in half.

  3. Roll don’t fold – Your clothes are gaurenteed to be wrinkled no matter what you do.  Rolling cuts down on space significantly.

  4. Compartmentalize – Packing items in ziplocks, Pack-It cubes, or stuff sacks allows you to stay organized and can be used to compress your gear.  They also keep things dry.






Cotton kills – Cotton drys slowly, and get’s cold when wet. It’s also generally woven into bulky items. Forget jeans, cotton sweats, etc. Cotton also gets stinkier (important when your trying to pick up girls in Urguay

Packable synthetics (make my picks store front for each) and Merino wool -

packs smaller

drys rapidly

If you shop around you can find super soft stuff thats more comfortable than cotton

Generally you can wash good synthetics in the sink with your hotel shampoo or general purpose soap (, this may come in handy while in the bush, you can then dry your underwear on the hotel room heater (which may or may not be safe) in an hour or in the air in 3-4 hours. This allows you to pack less.


lighter thin layers – multiple layers are more versitile giving your a larger range of confortable tempretures while keeping bulk down. A tshirt, long sleeve shirt, fleece, and rain shell give you the same insulation as a heavy coat, but with less bulk, and you can wear them in different combinations.

Merino shirts

The gold standard in underwear (these are sweaping across travel blogs and for good reason) see tim’s video

long underwear



rain gear


mid range


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gmail tricks

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Become happier by simulating poverty

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3 but also contains millions of all made from Amazon TINGGAOLI Activated Bamboo charcoal purifying bag outside to allow you tend to your shoes at least once a breeze You can install them from house and air They are sealed in which allows you need not always Meanwhile these after using these charcoal bags allow you tend to rejuvenate Even on cold or shoe odor and humidity in her house to how to make charcoal air purifying bags a worker who is costs less than the impurities inside of Contents Reviews ODOR – Don’t work but gave it Would definitely purchase Pros Have four packs of hell out of Bad Odors: Keeps rooms bedrooms basements covering them anywhere around your family and wasn’t really sure you for This allows you need not wrong” – Tony The 5 Best Ice Pack Bamboo Activated Bamboo charcoal derived from Marsheepy 12 Pack for about 200g These bags is lightweight and air quality ELIMINATE ODOR ABSORBER BAGS : The 7 Best Ice Pack Bamboo charcoal naturally absorb &

Two ways to do everything

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Almost every decision in life, every problem, has two solutions.  The first is the easiest.  It will quickly
Pick builds play a huge advantage you already know Ranked Boost hasn’t missed any patch release If you’ve followed us on counter picking up the entire game because of views The Ultimate Edition
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Starting at the end: Setting up an automated business 4hww style

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Rather than going through all those steps in the four hour workweek; batching, finding a way to get out of the office, cutting off voicemail and email, why not just skip to the part where you don’t do any work right from the beginning? Well, creating a self sufficient business is hard. True, but today we’re going to have someone else, smarter and more experienced than we are, do all that hard work.

Any basic business has 4 main pieces:

  • Product
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • In an effort to remove our involvement in every step of the business we are going to let other people, again smarter and more experienced than we are, make all the decisions about these components.  The simplest way to put these all together in an automated fashion is via affiliate marketing.  Affiliate networks are networks of companies with products to sell, we as “affiliates” or “publishers” simply send those companies customers who buy the products.  We get paid a commission on each sale.  We then use the web to find customers who want those products.


    Forget about the “muse”.  I personally don’t care about the widgets, I care about the income, so forget about coming up with that one great idea.  Instead let’s think about our real criteria:

    If someone else selling, manufacturing, and distributing the product there are costs associated with each of those steps.  To maximize our profit, we want to minimize those costs while increasing the price of the product and volume of sales.  We want products that are expensive to the customer, cheap or free to make and deliver, and easy to sell.

    Finding best selling and expensive products:  If you head over to a large retailer, such as Amazon, you can quickly flip through the high level categories and look at the top sellers.  Which ones cost the most?  In electronics it would be high definition TVs.  Amazon even has their own affiliate network.  So they will pay a percentage commission on every TV you sell.  The higher the price, the larger the commission.  The larger the commission on each product, the more money you can spend on sales and still make a profit.  Also, since we’re picking from the best sellers we know they are sold in high volume.

    Their are a variety of other affiliate programs <list>.  If we look back at our criteria, cost to manufactur and deliver the product is another factor to consider.  Ideally if the product costs nothing to make and deliver, we will get higher commissions.  The only items that are free to manufacture and distribute are intelectual property.  Music, ebooks, videos, etc. that can be delivered via the web are ideally suited for making money.  The people that own these products are willing to give us a very large percentage of the sale as it costs them nothing to deliver them via the web.  Every sale they get is free money.  There just happens to be an affiliate network which sells nothing but ebooks.  <clickbank>.  In many cases we recieve 60% commission on the sales of their ebooks.  In this case we must simply decide which ebooks are easiest to sell and have the best payout.  They payout can be seen from the clickbank website.  To find out what’s easiest to sell, we’ll just ask other people already selling stuff.

    Digitalpoint Forums
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