There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it. - Mary Wilson

The curse of the renaissance man Part Deux

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So in part one we talked about why you and I are brilliant but not necessarily living up to our capability. First through, we need some motivation, and a book review: Think and Grow Rich.

The primary premise behind Think and Grow Rich is that thinking positively and writing down your daily affirmations miraculously leads to the achievement of you goals. Throughout the day or while you sleep your subconscious mind works to find a way to get you what you write down each day. You will attract the things you desire by simply thinking about them.

While this seems to actually work, the reasoning behind it is not quite right. Writing down “I enjoy driving my red Ferrari daily,” does not a Ferrari make. The reason people who write down their goals, particularly those that do it daily, get what they want is because they:

* Know what they want
* Think about it daily

Your average Joe goes through his day as a zombie. Most people believe they are in tune with what they want, but really few think about what it is they truly want and most have no idea what they should do with their day. Desires are limited to the here and now: I want a new couch, I want to lose 20 lbs, I’m hungry for pie. Most people if you really provoked them could come up with a rough story about laying on the beach where they didn’t have to fill out paperwork, but if this is what they want, how many hours do they spend per day thinking about it, formulating plans, preparing? Laying on the beach is free. It’s not that hard.

Step 1: Drive to beach
Step 2: Lay down

Why aren’t you doing it now?

The reason people who write down or recite their affirmations, goals, whatever daily get what they want, is simply because they now know what they are.

You can’t spend a half hour a day dreaming about Ferrari’s without a least for a moment thinking about how you’re going to get a Ferrari. This process also puts you in the right state to work toward it. Without thinking about what you want, you’ll never actually get it.

Most of the books on affirmations discuss at length the idea that you affirmation should be highly detailed. It should create a vivid image of what it is you want. It should involve action.

Breaking down our example above: My Ferrari is red. This triggers a picture in your mind. I “enjoy driving” it. Perhaps this doesn’t create a deeper imprint in the subconscious mind, but rather gets me pumped up to got off the couch and find a job. Vividly imagining what you want simply provides more motivation and puts you in the right state to get stuff done. This partially explains the popularity of a morning affirmation session.

I don’t know what the exact stats are on the success of those that have written goals, but it’s extremely high. Those people are significantly more successful because everyone else is such a miserable failure. If someone told you as a 5 year old that you would spend the next 40-50 years at a desk, dressed in clothes you hate, answering to someone you don’t like, getting fatter and older by the day, would you cry? Well guess what? That’s what most people in America do. The limits of their wishes extend to wanting an couple hours to watch sitcoms with canned laughter each night.

Take any one of those people make them think about something more, make them write it down daily, and what happens? They get of their fat assess and do at least a little something.

The more outrageous the goal, the better they do. A house overlooking the ocean in Malibu is far more compelling than a new pair of shoes.

There is no magic out there. There is only action and reaction. Everything you do has a result. Do what everyone else does, get the same result.

So open up google notebook or a piece of paper and start thinking.

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