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Log your workouts in 10 seconds

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When you read about people who transformed their bodies, dropped a ton of weight, get jacked, whatever, usually they’re super anal and log every little thing they do.  Well you and I are not anal, we are busy, and sitting down at the computer takes away from our time spent snapping necks and cashing checks.  So what are we to do?

Usually on the way out of the gym I like to text my friends to tell them how much of a bad ass I am.  So instead of sending it to your friends, send it to a microblog.  Set up an account at or both of these microblogs have a text message feature.  Store the address in your cell phone.  Then on your way from the gym to your car, or while you wait for the man at subway to artfully craft your sandwich send a text that says “swam 10 laps, Squats 5×5@300″ or whatever it is you did today.  All of this gets nicely blogged, and it’s much easier to remember (you did just get your cellphone out of the locker).  You could also use to send it to your dedicated workout log, but also facebook or whatever so you get the added benefit of gloating to your friends (this is what real motivation is comprised of).  Everything get’s time stamped and you can now join the anal retentive workout log crew.  Try the same for your diet.

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