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Find and Download Everything on the Internet

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While I’m not a big proponent of copyright infringement, I’m not a huge supporter of organizations like the RIAA and MPAA who run around suing 13 year old girls either.  It’s important to support the artists who entertain us.  This information is for educational purposes only.  Check your local laws.

That said, the reality is that the world we were promised by the cable companies, where you could watch any movie ever made right from your tv, is here.  Unfortuately for those cable companies, they spent all their time trying to maintain their monopoly on the world’s content and not enough time delivering it.  So instead of playing whatever you want from cable you simply pull it from the internet.

First up, use firefox if you’re not already.  IE is far more prone to viruses and doesn’t have anywhere near the capabilities as firefox, which has a unlimited array of plugins that can do anything you’d ever want.  You’ll want to get  the plugin so you can que up a billion files and save them nicely.  When you find a bunch of text links you can paste them into then right click downthemall and save them all at once.  Also put “*.00, rar, high, .pdf, .mp3″ without quotes in your downthemall “fast filtering box” to speed things up.  Once you download a file you’ll probably have to extract so use 7zip or winrar to extract files.

Ok, first the basics – Google Hacking:  Standard unix/appache web servers all use the same format for just listing files.  They page name defaults to …index of/… and the first page heading will be a link to the parent directory (move up one folder).  So to find these you would search for:

“Parent Directory” “index of/” “artist – song.mp3″

Artist/song can be outside quotes.  Same for movies “Quantum of Solace.avi” though it’s even better if you find an actual name of the release, so let’s say you find a torrent called “Quantum.of.Solace.R5.x264-DEViSE” if you search for this instead you will narrow your search.

The problem with google hacking is that to many people have figured it out, particularly with MP3s.  In many cases doing the search will only result in spam sites, but the more specific your search, like the example above the more likely you are to find what you’re looking for.

Far better than google are nicely organized, moderated, and indexed forums or blogs which post virtually every release.  The advantage of looking through forums is that in most cases spammers and those posting viruses are quickly banned.  You can also see how many posts someone has and how popular they are.  Most of the time people will reply to let everyone know if the file is good/missing/whatever.  These also give you a channel for finding obscure content that you might not otherwise know about.  Instead of watching the daily garbage on network TV you can find movies from other countries, self help, documentaries, etc.  This is almost allways commercial free.  What to learn french?  You can find more audio and video than you could ever listen too.

Some of the most popular and better policed sites: Basic forum with music, movies, tv, games, software, etc. Blog that posts virtually every release that comes out. Great for self help, educational stuff

You’ll need to sign up for It’s pretty cheap and let’s you download crap tons of files that people upload.

Hardware – if a very short time you will max out whatever storage space you have. Buy a large hard drive with it’s own power supply. Format it into a couple partitions one being FAT32 (for playing on your new dvd player) and the other being NTFS (for storing large files in HD, will not show up in your new DVD player). Then go buy this phillips upconverting DVD player with usb for $60 this allows you to play all the stuff off your new HD directly plugged into the DVD player.

Another good strategy for music is to simply create a playlist on youtube. This is a great way to find live or obscure stuff. Que up your playlist and let it roll.

Fair warning, a good portion of the stuff you can find on the internet is embeded with viruses or spyware.  Don’t run executables (.exe) and do run an antivirus and proper firewall.  For antivirus I’m a big proponent of Symantech.  Free antivirus such as AVG is also available (use google).  For a desktop firewall the old and free version of Sygate is great  A firewall is critical as it can stop trojans from sending outbound data, basically making them worthless.

4 Comments on “Find and Download Everything on the Internet”

  1. 1 Kevin B. said at 7:41 am on July 19th, 2009:

    Awesome! has a search that composes Google strings to look for stuff in a similar way you described.

    P.S. You’ve got 4 w’s in your twitter link and not everyone will notice that after a “Server not found” error :)

  2. 2 Mastry said at 8:03 am on July 22nd, 2009:

    Symantec, really? I’ve always found Symantec to be comparable to waking up with a flaming ball of dung on your forehead.

    I’d recommend Avast! or Panda Cloud. Malwarebytes is the best scanner I’ve ever found but the free version doesn’t have live detection. If you just want something to scan with once in a while, Malwarebytes seems to pick up the most malicious files out of all the antiviruses.

  3. 3 Spex said at 2:46 pm on September 29th, 2009:

    Spot on advice “Mastry”, Symantec, dung etc where forefront in my mind :)

  4. 4 kamir bouchareb st said at 6:10 am on February 16th, 2022:


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