There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it. - Mary Wilson

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 Whether your consulting in New York or camping in Belize, lightening the load will make it much more pleasant.


  1. Nothing weighs less than nothing – If there’s any doubt about bringing something, don’t bring it.

  2. Start with heavy items first – Using a liter sleeping bag has a much large impact than cutting your toothbrush in half.

  3. Roll don’t fold – Your clothes are gaurenteed to be wrinkled no matter what you do.  Rolling cuts down on space significantly.

  4. Compartmentalize – Packing items in ziplocks, Pack-It cubes, or stuff sacks allows you to stay organized and can be used to compress your gear.  They also keep things dry.






Cotton kills – Cotton drys slowly, and get’s cold when wet. It’s also generally woven into bulky items. Forget jeans, cotton sweats, etc. Cotton also gets stinkier (important when your trying to pick up girls in Urguay

Packable synthetics (make my picks store front for each) and Merino wool -

packs smaller

drys rapidly

If you shop around you can find super soft stuff thats more comfortable than cotton

Generally you can wash good synthetics in the sink with your hotel shampoo or general purpose soap (, this may come in handy while in the bush, you can then dry your underwear on the hotel room heater (which may or may not be safe) in an hour or in the air in 3-4 hours. This allows you to pack less.


lighter thin layers – multiple layers are more versitile giving your a larger range of confortable tempretures while keeping bulk down. A tshirt, long sleeve shirt, fleece, and rain shell give you the same insulation as a heavy coat, but with less bulk, and you can wear them in different combinations.

Merino shirts

The gold standard in underwear (these are sweaping across travel blogs and for good reason) see tim’s video

long underwear



rain gear


mid range


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An oral CBD oil

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