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Four Hour Work Week Case Study

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So after thinking about muses and watching the Alborz interview on I’ve decided that much like Al, I love cars.  And like Al, I’m not going to buy the domain and get all the traffic on the internet.  They key for him was to find a smaller niche, car reviews in Austrailia.  For me I’ve always loved the idea of building my own supercar.  I’ve got a folder full of random websites where people have done just that.  I’ve spent many years watching people, mostly unsuccessfully, try to build cars, and perhaps by bringing together a lot of resources and tips, I can help those people along the way.  As an added bonus I get to continue searching around the web for cool cars built by regular guys which I’m glad to do for free.

break down the tim ferris steps

step by step in order

audio/video tutorial of finding domain, keywords, setup, ads, etc.

get video software
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