There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it. - Mary Wilson

Controlling your environment

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The most important advice given by Tim Ferris is that it’s easier to control your environment than to control yourself through will power or motivation.

Anthony Robbins talks a lot about high quality problems.

If you spend all your time solving problems that are insignificant no matter how hard you work, how good you are, or how much you try your life will be nothing.  If you spend your time solving problems that do not relate to your goals you will never meet them.

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Backpacking and Travel

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Ok, I’m no guru on backpacking, but I’ve read quite a bit and I’m friends with a lot of hippies.  This is my attempt to consolidate the basics into one stream of consciousness.

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How to Change in an Instant

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The most important thing you must to to make lasting change is to simply like what you are changing.  When you stop smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, etc. the key is to enjoy doing whatever it is your doing when your not smoking/drinking/eating nachos.

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A Warning for Dillgent Workers

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You are not safe.  As long as someone else holds the purse strings they can take away the purse.  Four and a half years and $1,000,000 in billable hours later my services are no longer needed at my former employer.  Times are tough, profit is down, too many people, not enough work.  It’s all very simple, and in fact, that is the point.

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Log your workouts in 10 seconds

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When you read about people who transformed their bodies, dropped a ton of weight, get jacked, whatever, usually they’re super anal and log every little thing they do.  Well you and I are not anal, we are busy, and sitting down at the computer takes away from our time spent snapping necks and cashing checks.  So what are we to do? Read the rest of this entry »

Doing things that your “supposed to do”

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One thing that bothers me the most is people doing things because they are supposed to be done a certain way.  Well guess what, doing things because your supposed to do them will give you the same life that your average person gets.  Last time I checked, your average person is fat, depressed, and in debt.

Well today’s the day to start questioning everything you do.  Let’s look at the “normal life.”

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007 and Saxophones

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I came accross a list of things to learn and practice for the sax.  Various scales and techniques.  It very simply said “There’s a lot of work here, but once you do it, it’s done and it’s under your fingers.”  Watching the latest Bond movie I thought to myself, being a badass is simply series of tasks.  Learn to fight, shoot, womanize, hack, fly planes, climb mountains, drive offensively, repel, etc.  Each is simple enough to learn, they just take time.

Now perhaps being a spy or a sax player is not your goal.  Fair enough.  What is it that you spend your time pursuing.  Of all the possible things that can consume our time, it appears that most people are preparing to get fat, preparing to recite trivia about random celebrities or athletes lives, and studying the art of passing time with as little thought as possible.  Maybe these things are fun, but we get to choose what we do.  So of all the cool things in the world, all the cool places, why are we all living in the middle of nowhere watching tv and getting fatter?

What is it that you are preparing for?  At the end of each day are you just a day closer to death or a day closer to something magnificent?

F-Bombs Away

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Those of you whom are lucky will come to an important realization:  life is to short to give a fuck what anyone thinks.  “But wait how can anyone be successful in life if they run around like a wild maniac” you ask?  Well I’m here to tell you: Read the rest of this entry »

The curse of the renaissance man Part Deux

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So in part one we talked about why you and I are brilliant but not necessarily living up to our capability. First through, we need some motivation, and a book review: Think and Grow Rich.

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“What You Think, That You Become”…Bullshit

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The saying goes that what you think about becomes what you do, which becomes what you are, and therefore you should be careful what you think about.  This is bullshit.  You do not decide to be awesome and then be it.  You become awesome when you do awesome things, and then eventually you believe and think you’re awesome. Read the rest of this entry »